Corporate Design | Corporate Identity

My passion for design is motivated by the belief that creating is one of the most valuable human processes. It is also motivated by the desire to reach and cultivate happiness.

What does creation have to do with happiness? Well-made things bring enduring happiness. A durable kitchen knife that will serve me for the rest of my life makes me enjoy preparing food every day, and this teaches me to appreciate creation and design done right.
The knife reminds me to appreciate what I have, which makes me a happy human being. This makes me want to bring happiness in its simplicity to other people.

Work is an important part of everyday life, so why not make the work environment more appreciable?
I learned how to create long-lasting corporate images, philosophies, and designs, and my work not only makes the client happy, but also keeps their employees and customers happy. What is a better payment than the result of making people happy? My goal in work is to support an enduring appreciation for what we have and to promote happiness. Good design is the currency to propel the circle of happiness.